A Village’s K-12 Tutoring Services

Welcome to A Village’s K-12 Tutoring Services. As a licensed teacher, we understand the importance of identifying each student’s unique needs to help them achieve their full potential. That’s why we start all K-3 students off with an initial assessment, gathering data on their phonological awareness, reading skills, sight words, and phonics proficiency, among others. For grades K-12, the initial assessment is based on the parents and/or teachers data and observations.

Upon completing the assessment, we review the results with parents and provide a professional recommendation for the number of sessions the student should have per week. Next, a personalized program that targets specific areas of improvement is created for the student.

We provide homework support to our enrolled students on an as-needed basis, particularly for areas in which they may be struggling as we work to improve their skills.

Don’t let academic struggles hold your student back. Let A Village’s K-12 Tutoring Services help them succeed.

Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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