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Now Enrolling

Preschool Enrollment A Village Learning Center is proud to announce that we are taking applications for preschool students (ages 4-5) for the fall. Contact us to request more information.

Virtual Tutoring

We are pleased to announce we are now offering virtual Junior High and High School assessments with a virtual tutoring program to follow. Several people have reached out to me that aren’t local to Toledo asking for help with their child so I’ve been hard at work creating this. Contact us for more details!

Mastering Sight Words

Mastering sight words increases reading fluency. Practicing them doesn’t have to be boring! I believe in a whole body approach to learning, especially for young students. Another important skill is tracking print and using the pictures and the beginning sound of an unknown word as clues.

Let’s talk subitizing!

While “subitizing” may not be a well-known word, it is certainly an important mathematical skill. Subitizing is the ability to instantly recognize the number of objects without actually counting them. This mathematical skill allows students to gain a grasp of numbers and advance to higher levels of addition. Subitizing is essential for children’s mathematical development…

Kindergarten Readiness Summer Program

Dear Parents/Caregivers, It is hard to believe it is almost time for your child to enter Kindergarten. This is a very exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. Right now, you may be wondering…..Is my child ready to go to school? Will they be scared? What will my child need to know when school…

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