Fine Motor Skills

Does your child struggle with fine motor skills like writing, cutting with scissors and/or grabbing small objects?

Here’s a fun way to build up those muscles! Playdough snakes 🐍

Have your child roll the playdough out and pinch the ends, swirl it around to coil it and just have fun with it! Grab some googly eyes for added fun and pinching practice!

Does Your Child Struggle With Teen Numbers?

For this activity they’ll practice number recognition and counting. Simply print or draw out a chart as pictured below and use a rekenrek (Amazon) and something to cover the numbers (Dollar Tree) and they’ll be on they’re way to mastering teen numbers 🎉

A rekenrek is an educational tool used in Mathematics instruction. It is a counting device with two parallel rows of beads (usually 10 per row). The beads are organized in groups of 5, making this a very useful tool in teaching number sense, counting, addition and subtraction concepts.

You can purchase a rekenrek on Amazon.

Anything may be used to cover the numbers, visit your local dollar store for foam blocks similar to the image below.

A Village Learning Center Now Accepting Learning Aid Ohio Scholarships for Tutoring!

We’re proud to announce that we are now able to accept Learning Aid Ohio scholarships for tutoring!

Being able to help children learn is our passion and making education accessible to more families feels amazing.

Check out the flyer below for more information: